Spice & French Rose


Diperkaya bahan-bahan tradisional untuk penggunaan praktis dan fungsi ganda membersihkan tubuh serta menjaga kesehatan kulit.

Sabun ini membantu mencerahkan kulit, melindungi kehalusan kulit juga membuat kulit tubuh Anda wangi dan segar.

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spice & french rose

55% Olive Oil,

With : Canola oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Turmeric, Black & Red Rice Scrub, Jamica Pressed Juice, Curcuma zanthorrhiza, Deng San Chi, French Rose Essential.

It’s made from traditional ingredients for practical use and double function of cleansing the body and maintaining the skin health. This soap helps brighten the skin and maintain skin smoothness and make your body skin fragrant and fresh.

Weight120 g

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